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  1. Installation of Linux and UNIX license
    INSTALLATION============To install LinkCAD, simply untar the program files linkcad lcadr...
  2. Can the network floating license be installed on SAMBA shares ?
    When using LinkCAD for Windows, a SAMBA share may be used for the floating network license. Note tha...
  3. Can the floating network license be accessed by remote clients ?
    LinkCAD's floating network license allows up to thirty computers to run LinkCAD simultaneously. All ...
  4. My computer crashed... How can I reinstall LinkCAD and recover my license ?
    Get the LinkCAD setup file. If you no longer have the original setup file, re-download the latest 15...
  5. How do I transfer the license to another computer ?
    Here are the steps to transfer the license: Install LinkCAD on the other (target) computer. Yo...