LinkCAD Tools

Shape Operations

Tools operating on shapes, transforming the selected types of shapes

Explode to Polygons

Converts the selected types of shapes to their polygonal representation, using a user-specified resolution. This may be required for some tools that only operate on polygons.

Reconstruct Polygons from Open Polylines

A set of algorithms that works on polylines (not polygons), and tries to reconstruct polygons from them. A common use case is when working with a drawing consisting of disconnected polylines (having no width themselves), but which are used to describe closed shapes (polygons). To the user it looks like polygons, even though it's just a bunch of loose polylines. The algorithms try to reconstruct the polygons from those polylines, by (optionally) either connecting them, adding missing links and finally simply giving each polyline a defined width.

Join adjacent Polylines

Works on polylines having a non-zero linewidth. The algorithm identifies adjacent polylines having identical width and joins them.

Convert Circular Polygons to Circles

Algorithm that identifies polygonal circles in a drawing, that is, polygons that represent a circular shape within the error limits specified by the user. If found, such a polygon is then converted into a true circle shape.

Convert Arc-Shaped Polygons to Arcs

Algorithm that identifies polygonal arcs in a drawing, that is, polygons that represent a arc shape within the error limits specified by the user. If found, such a polygon is then converted into a true arc shape.

Remove Duplicate Shapes

Algorithm locating true duplicate shapes (same type, same geometry, same layer) and removes any duplicate.

Fix Self-Intersecting Polygons

Algorithm that verifies for each polygon if it is self-intersecting, and if yes, converts those to simple (possible multiple), non self-intersecting polygons.

Force Clockwise Orientation

Algorithm changing the vertex order of polygons such that they are ordered clockwise.

Boolean Operations

Tools operating on polygons, using LinkCAD's Boolean calculation engine.

Merge Overlapping Polygons

Algorithm merging all overlapping polygons into equivalent simple, non-overlapping polygons. This is a Boolean “or” operation.

De-embed Polygons

Algorithm that “cuts” out any polygon within a larger outer polygon. It does so repeatedly, that is, if more than two polygon areas overlap, the algorithm will keep areas where an odd number of areas overlapped, and remove areas with an even number of overlapping areas. This tool is often required for drawings where dark and clear areas have simply been drawing using overlapping polygons, without actually defining where the dark and clear area is.

Layer Boolean Operations

General Boolean operations (merge/“or”, intersection/“and”, xor, subtraction) between two or more layers in the drawing. Layers can be subtracted, intersected and so on, and the result placed onto the original or a new layer.

File Boolean Operations

Same as Layer Boolean Operations, but operating between the currently loaded file and a second file. Operations are applied between identically named layers present in each file.

Apply Layer Selection Mask

This algorithm requires two layers: a selection mask layer and a pattern layer. The selection mask layer typically contains a complex pattern consisting of a large number of polygons, and the selection mask layer a simple polygonal outline. The algorithm identifies which polygons on the pattern layer are within the outline defined by the selection mask layer, and moves those to a separate layer. It does not alter the pattern polygons, which will either be moved in full, or not moved to the new layer. The exact criteria (percentage of pattern inside mask outline, …) can be defined by the user.


Tools operating on the entire drawing

Flatten Cell Hierarchy

Resolves any cell/block references, resulting in a large drawing without any hierarchy.

Merge with File

Load a second file to the already loaded file, merging the file's layers and hierarchy.

Crop Drawing

Crop drawing to rectangular area specified by user. Optionally adds crop rectangle to drawing.

Translate Origin

Offsets drawing coordinates by specified x/y distance.

Align to Grid

Snaps drawing coordinates to specified grid.