Merge Overlapping Polygons
Merge Overlapping Polygons

This tool merges overlapping polygons into one geometry. Merging overlapping areas prevents over-exposure when generating lithographic masks.

The tool optionally keeps the original polygon boundaries, only removing overlapping areas.

Convert to Outline
Convert wires, circles and donuts to polygon outlines

Use this tool to "explode" wires, circles and donuts into polygon outlines. This is a great tool to import complex drawings into software, which only supports polygon entities.

Quasi-circles to circle
Convert Quasi-Circles to Circles

Quickly scan your drawings for circular polygons and turn them into "true" circles. This tool cleans up the file and even reduces its size.

Join wires
Connect adjacent wire segments 

If your software breaks wires into a series of adjacent line segments, use this tool to join them again. The extremely fast algorithm even allows you to specify the maximum distance between the endpoints of two neighboring line segments.

Detect holes
Auto-detect holes using polygon de-embedding

This tools detects and creates holes from overlapping areas. Whenever an even number of geometries overlap, a hole is punched in the surrounding area.

This is the perfect tool to draw ground planes on a PCB or to create negative text labels.

Convert to Outline
Merge, subtract or intersect layers

This standard tool performs boolean operations on any two drawing layers. The following operations are available: merge (OR), subtract, intersect (AND) and XOR.

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