Why is the converted file too large or too small ?

If the converted file is too small or too large, and you are either converting from or to DXF, then the DXF units in the DXF Import/Export Options dialog are probably wrong.

DXF files, unlike Gerber or GDS-II, are unitless: a distance of e.g. 10 units may correspond to 10 microns, 10 inches, or even 10 meters. It is therefore very important that you specify the meaning of the DXF units in the DXF Import/Export Options dialogs in LinkCAD.

For instance, select microns if you want a distance of 1 to represent 1 micron in the DXF file. This does not limit your drawing's resolution to one micron because DXF supports fractional units.

General Guideline:
  • Dimensions are too smallincrease the DXF units
  • Dimensions are too largedecrease the DXF units